National Walk Out Day

C000157B-2ADA-4B3C-8DB1-3D2967A24B0CI’m back as promised! This week the kids have had early out all week for Parent Teacher Conferences so life has been busy!

Yesterday was National Walk Out day- in support of those who lost their lives in the recent Florida shooting.

We live in Central California. My daughter goes to High School, 3 of my sons go to Middle School and my husband teaches at their school as well so I am very interested in what happens in the schools.

For Elizabeth’s School, they organized a planned walk out to happen during their snack break. Students made signs and it went well. A few students stayed longer after to protest on their own and there was a scuffle, but other than that, there were no incidents.

This video was posted on my Facebook. It’s such a sad scene. I think we not only need to take better care of who we give guns to, but also better care of those who feel isolated, unloved and alone and turn into potential shooters.

This is such a sensitive subject and not one I enjoy thinking about as a Mother of 5, with 4 in the public school system, but it is important and essential to discuss current events and what we can do to help things change.

I’ve heard that it takes 12-15  attempts until something changes. Hopefully we are one step closer to solving this problem of mass shootings.




I read an account from President Hinckley that said when he was on his mission each day he and his companion would shake hands and say “Life is Good!” I’ve decided to do the same thing except I don’t have a missionary companion and Josh is always asleep when I wake up. So, I made this screen saver and say it every morning.

CF5E901C-853E-4DB5-938C-84459EF6D29B.jpegThis guy greets everyone in our front yard. My Mother in Law has moved him from home to home and I love the cheer he brings to our front yard.

We have Spring Break coming up!! It’s two weeks- a week before Easter/April Fools Day (what a funny combo!) and a week after. We were planning to visit my Parents but my Dad has been sick so probably we’ll go somewhere else. Utah? San fransisco? Any ideas?

My dad has been In the hospital. He had a T cell transplant that went badly and couldn’t speak, walk or eat for five days. I visited him during that time and it was a scary time. He’s better now and we’re so thankful. He is still recovering from pneumonia but he’s on the up and up.

Josh found out that he can’t teach at his same school next year since he’s not certified. He’ll apply for a certification program at the local university and take a year off teaching to get that certification.

I’ve been busy taking care of 3 year old Declan, teaching piano, trying out new oils and trying to work out a new budget.

I’ve also started taking a business class through my Church and opened an Etsy store. When it’s more developed, I’ll tell you all about it! 😊💕


Have a great week and I’ll see you here again next Tuesday.

Love~ Megan

5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

4F931DC9-F353-4A55-8363-131609C9D412I experience anxiety 2-3 times a week.  Usually in the morning. Here are 5 things that I have found that help me:

1. MEDITATION-  This helps slow down your heart rate, slow your thinking and calm your mind. The insight timer app is a great tool that has guided meditations as well as a place to journal your thoughts and feelings.

2. LESS SUGAR. The less junk food I eat, the better I feel and the shorter my anxiety lasts. It’s interesting that there is a link there.

3. EXERCISE. This is an obvious one. Find something that you like to do and do it! I used to like Running when I was in college.. Now I like Yoga and Zumba. Sometimes things change.

4. PRAYER. It works!

5. Oils. Our sense of smell helps us be calm.

-Lavender- soothing



-Stress Away (lime and vanilla).

Everyone’s body is different and reacts to each oil differently. Try a few different ones to see what works best for you. Always use quality essential oils since the cheaper ones are mixed with synthetic chemicals to make them cheaper.

Good luck! My prayers and thoughts are with you! ❤️❤️❤️



Fake Oils- Beware!

pexels-photo-672051.jpegThe FDA only requires an Essential Oil to contain 5% oil to get the label 100% pure. What?!
If you buy any of the oils at Walmart, Target, Bath n Body Works or even on a Groupon deal, those oils are laced with synthetic chemicals to make them cheap that are not good for you. The labels will say “not for internal use” or “Keep Away from children.” Please follow those instructions and don’t even use at all.
Young Living has a seed to seal promise and we know what has been put in our oils- 🌱 plants. They are 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade Oil. The seeds are chosen, get planted (mostly) at our farms, get distilled at our farms and bottled at our farms. We know if anyone is trying to add something to our oils. They are triple tested and if one batch comes back with a bad review, it gets thrown out and they start over again.
So, yes- take internally (for the most part) and yes- put Young Living oils on your children- I do all the time! My 3 yr old just got a scrap on his knee playing water fight and I add Lavender to his treatment. It helps in restoring the skin.
Don’t let that big bad boy Government tell you that it’s okay to put that $5 bottle of Frankincense in your diffuser. It’s not.
Try Young Living Essential Oils. They are amazing!


Say No to Doubts & Fears

3F8A3F26-D15A-480C-B11F-63E721B9034A.jpegSay YES!  to Faith.

FAITH is a demonstration of our trust in God and faith that He can help us in our trials. It is action. Concrete and clear. It is remembering what He has done for us.

The opposite of faith is fear. Fear that we cannot solve our problems on our own. We can’t. We are weak and or talents are not enough for us to face the problems of this world alone. We need to rely on Him and all will be made well. We will be given the strength to endure our afflictions and they may even be made light.

When I had my first miscarriage I was confused but not completely fearful. It was probably a random event. On my second miscarriage, I was a ball of fear. Why would this happen to me? After time, I realized that I couldn’t shoulder my doubt and fear by myself and I turned to Him. I learned to trust in the Lord.

A year and a half later after that happened, I became pregnant with Declan. It was quite the miracle and blessing. It doesn’t always happen that way- getting  what you wait and hope for. And that’s okay. Heavenly Father’s Plan for us is bigger and better than our own. Even though we can’t see it.

We are waiting and hoping for another baby again. It will probably be through a foster to adopt program since it’s been 3 1/2 years since Declan was born and I’ve had another miscarriage since then.

I am choosing and I am trusting in God and in His love for me. He knows me. His plan is different than mine but it is beautiful and good.

I once had a posterboard where I wrote down all of my blessings we received as a family from God. Things like “Eric helped Josh load the truck” & “found a wonderful home to rent.” Oh, and “chocolate chip cookies on our doorstep (I love that one).”

When we moved, it didn’t come with us. I have learned that it is a direct act of faith to remember God and His acts of goodness towards us so that we won’t forget. As we remember Him and those tender mercies, our Faith is strengthened until it becomes so strong, it cannot be broken. I’ll be starting up the list again soon. Very, very soon.

Meet Me!

I want to tell you a little bit more about myself. My name is Megan. I was born in Utah and lived in several different states but was mostly raised in Southern California. I attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. In the middle of my education, I took a 18 month break and served a mission in Bilbao, Spain for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I absolutely loved it and love the language, the land and the people.

A month before graduating from BYU and starting my first professional job as a 3rd grade teacher, I got married to Joshua Abbott in the Bountiful, Utah Temple. We had a whirlwind 6 month dating and courtship and we are a great match for each other.

We now have 5 children- a daughter who is 15 and 4 boys who are 13, 13, 11 and 3. I stay at home with my 3 yr old and teach piano lessons and share essential oils. My husband is a Jr High Math teacher, after having had other jobs as an Attorney and an Executive Director of a Research Center at ASU.

We live in Central California- in Paso Robles- and love it here. I love essential oils, swimming, reading, writing, playing the piano and playing with kids. Also, being healthy and trying to reduce any toxins that can come into our home.

Welcome to Hawaiian Sandalwood Dreamers! I’m so glad that you are here!

Love ya!DSC_1642edit

Monday Morning

5498F4DC-6B62-4062-ACA0-0BB6AB8202EBThis weekend’s weather was gorgeous. The boys had Jr High honor Band Rehearsal and on Sunday a Regional Conference for Church.

The weather was 72 degrees and they spent most of the afternoon playing outside and having fun. Declan has so much fun he got 3 splinters in his foot. Poor guy! We got them out- well the ones we could!

I am tired this morning- time to diffuse some peppermint and get waking up! Happy Monday!

On Writing


It’s morning and the best time that I write. I like to get the kids off to school, turn on a show for Declan, clean the kitchen and now- write.

I’ve decided to not be in the business of selling oils anymore. I have an idea for a business using those oils and I want to focus on that.

Did you know that it’s 3 weeks -1 day until my absolute favorite Holiday- Valentines Day?

If anyone would like to be my neighbor, a home is for sale two doors down. It’s going for $490,000 for a small home. I’m just glad it’s not going for $700,000. California can be a little kooky when it comes to real estate!

Hope you are having an awesome Friday! I am starting the day out slow, but it’s gonna be a good one!

The Beach House aka Hulihan Reunion 2017

This past weekend we had our family reunion on my side of the family. It was in Southern California- Picnic at the park in Glendora California, and then swimming at the beach at a beach house in Solimar, California. The beach went right off the back porch steps and it was lovely!

Beach life 🌊🦀🌺 #beachhouse #plantlife

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