Megan’s Helpful Hints

Per someone’s request I am posting several tiny little hints to help you use oils on a regular basis. They are easy to do, don’t take a lot of time and can help you a lot!

1. Clothespins and Pom Poms. Hot glue the small or big pom poms to the clothespin, drop a few oil drops on the pom poms and clip onto your car vent. I put Lavender (and carried some in my purse to refresh it every few hours) when we went on a long road trip with the kids. The boys in the back will usually fight. Not this time! They were all calm and keeping busy. It doesn’t make the driver go to sleep either!

2. A drop of peppermint/wintergreen on you shower shelf. The hot water/steam makes the oil evaporate and it’s like taking your own private, mini sauna. It’s a highlight in my morning!

3. A drop or two of lemon in my stainless steel sink. It shines and buffs up so beautifully after that that I start doing my fridge and oven and microwave as well!

4. A drop of lemon/lime in your water/tea or Diet Coke. As long as you’re getting the oils into your system, I don’t care how you do it! Yum!!

5. Last one. Take a bottle of Peppermint with you and breathe it in while you study/drive/read with your children at bedtime. It will wake you up and keep you alert for those takes.

Enjoy these tips and I hope I have more to come!

Xoxo, Megan


Springtime Symptoms & Oils


So, many people do not get the relief for Springtime Syptoms with traditional medicine that they want. They use over the counter medicines, nasal sprays and neti pots and still there is discomfort. My husband Josh suffers from this and he still struggles to find relief.

Enter Essential Oils. These can be used on top of over the counter medicine. I would use:

-Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. Equal amounts of both. In a capsule or in a diffuser. Or you can drop them in water if you don’t have any capsules around.


-Try RC- it helps you breathe. Put it in an inhaler along with Peppermint.

-Raven helps you breathe.

-Breathe again. Comes in a roller blend.

So many options to try and help solve any seasonal symptoms you may get.



Valentines Day Recap

We have a yearly tradition of writing something good about each person on hearts and then read them. This year we didn’t get a chance to read them.

Chocolate dipped strawberries! My absolute favorite.

Prepping for a post on MGrain. It’s helped my head discomfort.

Making peppermint oil brownies. So yummy! We had these for dessert with ice cream and they were a hit!

Josh got me roses and a very sweet note. Here we are, the day after Valentines Day, mopping up our post Holiday sadness with watercolors. It worked- mostly!

The weekend before Josh and I went to a comedy club in Provo and had a great time. A successful Valentines? Yes!!!


On Using Oils

I just wanted to post and share my Pinterest board called Essential Oils. On it are some of the posts posted here, but also there are great ideas on how to use single oils as well as some videos that I did on YouTube.





On Poetry and Pizza

My favorite pizza of all time- and Pizza is my favorite so I know quite a few- is Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Vegetarian Pizza. I am not a Vegetarian (although I’ve attempted it several, several times) but this pizza hits the spot! It has artichoke hearts, thin zucchini, tomatoes and onions along with cheese and a white sauce.

I told a copy cat recipe online and tried it out the other day. The crust was a bit too thick but I loved it and have loved having left overs as well since my kids didn’t touch it! Yum! I also love Luttle Caesars Pizza even though it’s cheap. And Pizza in New York at night hot and goey? Divine!

I also write poetry. They are never very long- but just short and sweet. They make me happy. I have two apps that I write on.

Werdsmith app (ITunes) is a place where you can write and save your writing. I like it because it’s convenient and on my phone where I often am.

Insight timer app (ITunes). I use this to medtitate and there are also groups on here where I publish my poems. I love it!

The Smile

The smile

starts at my lips

Spreads into a grin

across my face

into Eternity.

Have a blessed day,



Great Blog Posts


Sometimes you find some really good posts out there on the internet. Here are a few that I have found recently!:

Elise Blaha is one of my favorite all time crafting bloggers. I’ve been reading her blog for about 6 years now. This is the post highlighting her different food recipes.

I also love Enjoying the Small Things, a blog by Kelle Hampton on her life as a Mother of 3 including a little girl with down syndrome. I found her blog one day and couldn’t stop reading. Enjoy! Here is her post on her little girl’s story: Nella’s Birth Story

CJane. A writer. A Mother. Just because.

In the Head of Al Fox. A Mormon convert and Mother of two and Social Media rock star who writes extremely well.

On: Why I sell MLM  and you shouldn’t about what Multi Level Marketing really is.





On Ice Skating

Every year in January we go Ice Skating. It’s the thing we do. I wasn’t going to ice skate as well, but my two year old was home napping and I felt like adventurous. I did and didn’t fall once! Can you believe it?

The kids all did really well. Elizabeth brought a friend and they enjoyed having someone to skate with. I promised I wouldn’t post any videos of them. Teenage girls don’t like seeing themselves in photos- unless it’s in a selfie.

My twin boys Ethan and Jonah both did really well. Jonah got the hang of it quickly and Ethan caught on as well. Asher loved it and loves being on the ice.

What a great family activity! 



Stay at Home Mothering and an Essential Oil Business

When I joined DoTerra and then Young Living it was because I wanted to use the oils. Then I saw how wonderfully they worked and I wanted to share them with others (since you can’t buy this type of quality oil from Target or Wal-mart. You can buy oil from Wal-mart but I would never use it).

As I joined my team and began to share the essential oils with those I love I noticed something.

Not only was I using the oils and loving them and sharing them, I was joining an amazing group of women. A group of Mothers, Grandmothers, single women and friends who all connect over one similar thing- the love of essential oils and using them and sharing them.

As a stay at home Mom of five, with a two year old home all day, it is so nice to have someone to interact with besides my two year old.

Young Living is a community. A community of friends. A community of learning and growth and health. I am grateful for the friends I have made through Young Living and the community that I have become a part of. If you would like to join this community and become a member, here is the  link: to get you started. My ID is 10849596. (Premier Starter Kits are 10% off in February).

Know that you are loved and cared for.




Happy February!

Me and our crazy crew!


My favorite measuring cups!

Valentine’s Day is my ABSOLUTE favorite Holiday ever! Before Christmas and Halloween even (can you believe that?!).

I love it because it’s short, includes roses, chocolate and anything pink and red. So lovely!

We have a family tradition of setting out Valentines Treats on the breakfast table for the morning. The kids get to eat chocolate and pancakes or waffles and I am happy to send them off to school. Josh buys me flowers and I get him some kind of gift- usually a scrapbook or candy! We do a fancy dinner as a family as well. This year we’ll be doing fondue since we missed doing it on New Years Eve last year.

What are your favorite Valentines’ Traditions?


My Mission and Vision Statement

mission.pngI want you to know that I have a mission and a vision for what I would like to do with my business. It helps me stayed focused on my why- why I am doing what I am doing.
My Mission Statement:

To help women feel healthy, happy, whole and empowered. They know what they want and need and how to get it.

My Vision Statement:

We mourn with those that mourn, comfort those that stand in need of comfort and stand as witnesses of good health and financial freedom.

Love you,


Your Oil Lady