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Here is a recording of my 101 Essential Oils Class.

My Oils Class



Pregnancy & Oils

“There is an Oil for that!”

I love that quote! There is an oil for almost anything. I’ve had a hard time getting pregnant for the last little while. 3 miscarriages and a baby in the last 8 years. We’ve been trying for a year and a half now. 

Time to up my game.

I called my good friend and Oil lady and asked her if there were any oils that helped. She said yes! And the four couples that she gave this recipe to, became pregnant within a few months.

Ok! I am sharing this recipe online.


I love babies. 

I want to see more of them out there. 

They are beautiful ways to start people.

Happy Baby Mix:

1 drop Sclaressence Essential Oil (contains Clary sage- good for hormone balancing)

1 drop Geranium

Mix with a few drop fractionated Coconut Oil in palm of your hand.

Rub on ankles and wrists twice daily.

There you go. Happy Baby mix.

xoxo, Megan Rose

Spring is Coming!

The weather has turned warm- 75 degrees here in Utah!- the flowers are starting to sprout out, the birds are chirping and we are opening our windows at night! What a wonderful time to have the weather be so great!

Life has been good. Josh’s bonus Grandmother passed away last week and so he traveled to St. George to be at her funeral. We would have gone too but my Mother was visiting and the kids did not really feel up to it.

I did get to hear parts of it broadcast live and it was so wonderful to hear! She was such an amazing Mother and Grandmother and Missionary- having served a mission in England with Josh’s Grandpa. I love her so much and if I become like her at the end of my life, then I will feel like my life is complete.

Lots of love,



Panaway, Asher and growing aches

The other day Asher- my ten year old- knew he was going to have growing aches that night. I asked him if he wanted some oils and he said yes. Panaway with a couple drop of refractionated coconut oil spread on his calves and he went to bed hopeful that he would have no aches in the night!

Morning came and I asked him how the night went (I wasn’t up with him in pain) and he said “Great!” Yay!!

This morning he came up to me and said “Mom, can I have some more oils? It worked last time!” Panaway for the win! 



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Upcoming Excitement!

In less then one month, Josh and I are going to join all of his brothers and sisters and Mom and Dad- minus the kids- on the island of Maui, Hawaii to celebrate his Parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary for a week. I’m SO excited!! With 50 years of marriage, and 40 Grandkids, we have a LOT to celebrate! A family friend owns a condo there and we will all be staying together. What fun things do you know are there to to do on Maui? Let me know!

Also, I’m having 3 online classes on fb coming up in the next three weeks! Want an invite? Let me know!



-You bet I’ll be bringing my oils and some to share with anyone who may want to try them! Do you want to try one or two? Let me know!


Dear Tired Mom,

Dear Tired Mom,

    I know how you feel! I ran into a Mom yesterday at the grocery store. We were both waiting in line for cheap, soft serve ice cream cones for family night. She had four little children 3 and under- including twin two year olds. I was immediately brought back to the time when I had 4 under 3. Her eyes were tired yet happy, her arms and hand were steady and sure. Her husband stood by to support and uplift. 

What days those were! They went by in a blur of feedings and playtime and many diaper changes and nighttime wake up calls. I actually missed those days and wondered what magic had been cast that made the time go by so quickly. I wouldn’t go back but at that moment- smiling and talking with this tired and also pregnant Mother, I yearned to be in the deepest trenches of Motherhood once again. 




Going Live!


I’m going LIVE on Facebook with my sister Larissa tonight at 8 pm Mountain Time. We’ll have guest speakers and give aways and we’ll be talking about Essential Oils and what they are and why they are good for your home. Check us out″>here.




Helpful Hints, Part 2

Helpful Hints, Part 2

I explained that in my last post several people wanted to know what my helpful hints are for using oils in everyday life.

Lavender in Mascara: Put a drop of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil in your mascara wand. The Lavender helps with hair growth. I’ve done it for the past three or four months and have loved the change I’ve seen in my lashes.

Teeth Whitening: Place a drop of Wild Orange on top of your normal toothpaste. Brush and rinse. The Orange helps your teeth become white.

A Cleaner Trash: Place a drop of lemon/purification on a cotton ball and place under your trash can liner for a fresh, clean scent. When  I do this the smells lasts for several days and I love it!

Fresh Artificial Plants: Using Orange, Lemon or Lavender, make a spray by putting 10-20 drops of essential oil in a small glass spray bottle (available on Amazon or at Target). Spray any artificial greenery with the spray. The smell will last a while and your home will smell Heavenly. I’ve done it and I love it! Enjoy!

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xoxo, Megan