3 Reasons why I switched- DoTerra to Young Living

The first reason was a fb group called The Essential Switch that my sister added me to. I noticed that there were beauty products and household products that contained toxins and I could switch them out with essential oils. There were testimonials and recipes and I felt a motivation to change.

Secondly, my sister showed me a text her friend sent her of how much she made that month. It was for $10,000. Sign me up! Like you, I have a few dreams and goals tucked up my sleeve (visit France, pay back all of the people who have loaned us money in the past, get out of debt and then pay it forward) and this kind of pay check would make it possible. 

Yes, people in DoTerra see this amount of money but this was very personal- my sister’s friend- and it struck me as so.

Third- Young Living has ~180 single oils and oil blends. DoTerra has about 90. A few of the ones Young Living has are MGrain, Magnify Your Purpose and Abundance. I wanted access to these oils.

I’m so happy with the switch that I made! It’s been wonderful and I’m so glad to be here- using oils and sharing them! 





Today I was going a little stir crazy. I had been home for most of the day the day before, watching General Conference- http://www.lds.org- which I loved and was home for all of this morning and I was ready to go do something!

But, it was rainy and Sunday.

I went to visit my brother and drop off a few things and as I entered their little home, my heart stopped in it’s tracks. Just like it has before. There were two chubby baby boys crawling all around and a sweet little toddler. My heart melted. This is what family is about. Being together. Loving together. Making mistakes and learning from them together.

I was grateful for the rest and I returned home strengthened and all the better for it.

Enjoy your families today!