Top 5 Moving Tips!

I’ve moved 9 times in the past 16 years as a married wife and Mother. Each time it has been crazy. Each time it gets a little better. We still do not own our own home and want to, so another move will be in the works in the next few years or so.

Here are a few tips that I have found extremely helpful:

  1. Start early: 6-8 weeks in advance. Start getting rid of all the stuff you don’t want to have in your new home/ stuff you haven’t used in over a year.
  2. Get strong, sturdy boxes. Fill them up all the way- putting pillows or towels on the top.
  3. Wrap your furniture in those plastic rolls you can buy- it really helps with any nicks and scratches!
  4. Get help the last week or so- you are going to need it!
  5. Leave your picture up on the wall until the last few days- it makes home still feel like a home.

Good luck!


Summer time!

My last post was a bit negative.

With that being said, Inhave to say that we are in California and it’s summer time! So exciting! When I’m not recovering from the move, we head out to the pool or the beach with cousins to cool off. Sometimes I just send Josh with the kids and enjoy a quiet house!

Other times, we grab an ice cold popsicle of food dye and sugar, call it summer, and hang out on the hammock. It’s fun!

I love summer! I love kids and I love the beach and cold crystally popsicles.

When Babies Grow Up

canon 223

This morning, I looked at my growing three year old and missed that baby stage. You know: cradling a small, warm baby in the crook of your arm with that newborn smell and the sweet spirit about them.

And I realized he will probably be my last. My last baby.


I don’t want to pamper him or spoil him- ¬†although I already do.

I DO want to cherish him, and enjoy him- play cars on the ground with, jump on one foot across the hall and back again, dip cookies in milk and make sure I soak up all those little moments.

Before he grows up.

And becomes a BIG KID.

Like his brothers and sister.


Spring is Coming!

The weather has turned warm- 75 degrees here in Utah!- the flowers are starting to sprout out, the birds are chirping and we are opening our windows at night! What a wonderful time to have the weather be so great!

Life has been good. Josh’s bonus Grandmother passed away last week and so he traveled to St. George to be at her funeral. We would have gone too but my Mother was visiting and the kids did not really feel up to it.

I did get to hear parts of it broadcast live and it was so wonderful to hear! She was such an amazing Mother and Grandmother and Missionary- having served a mission in England with Josh’s Grandpa. I love her so much and if I become like her at the end of my life, then I will feel like my life is complete.

Lots of love,