Every day oil usage- Frankincense

Frankincense is one of my favorite oils. I know I say that a lot of the oils are my favorites but this one truly is! I use it in the morning and night for flawless skin, for feeling closer to God throughout the day and for feeling better mood wise.


All Natural Base/Cream


At an oil class last Thursday, I got a recipe for an all natural base/cream to use as a starter for a pain cream/sleep cream/face cream. It is wonderful!! Here is the recipe:

All Natural Base

4 Cups Shea Butter

2 Cups Coconut Oil

3/4 Cup Grapeseed Oil or Jojoba Oil

2 Full Droppers Vitamin E Oil

High speed mix for 10 minutes with ice packs wrapped around bowl scraping sides down along the way. Store in a glass jar. Great for individualized gifts.

Pain Cream:

Add 10-20 drops of Panaway to a small jar of base.

Sleep Cream:

Add 10-20 drops of Lavender and Cedarwood.

 Beauty Cream

Add 10-20 drops of Frankincense


xoxo Megan










I am blogging from my kitchen with wet hands while dinner bakes, but I wanted to post about Young Living’s 2017 Fulfill Your Destiny Convention that happened last week. It was three full days of workshops and general sessions with a concert starring Carrie Underwood at the end.

 I LOVED Convention! I love meeting other people who enjoy using oils too, trying out new oils, watching demos and learning new ways to manage my business and share oils as well.

My favorite workshop was done by a Royal Crown Diamond named JoAnn Kerns. She was the first person in Asia to reach great heights in her business. She talked about overcoming personal feelings of failure and self doubt and taught us that the essential oils of Sara and Idaho Black Spruce can help you do that. Sara is on my order for my wellness box next month!

Eric Worre was a top lecturer too! A popular MLM public speaker and millionaire, he too spoke on never quitting and going professional in whatever you choose to do.

And best of all, Young Living introduced over 50 new products including- natural sunscreen and bug lotion, a Savvy Minerals Make up line (natural make up!!) and a Seedlings baby line!

I am especially excited about the makeup and baby line- and sunscreen! My baby is three but I still use baby products on him.

Convention was a blast and I hope to go with my sister next year! Young Living treats it’s customers like royalty and you can tell!



I don’t really like MLMs. You have to talk to someone to get their product and it seems like they always want you to get something more. 

The plus side of MLMs is that you get to talk to someone! You find a friend. You find others who like what you like- you are on the same page.

One reason I like Young Living is because you get a bonus for signing up to be a member. With Young Living, you get 10% of your purchase back in points you can spend later on. You only have to make 1 purchase a year. And the oils are amazing!

 I don’t like MLMs but I do love Young Living. 

Plus, their customer service is amazing!