I am blogging from my kitchen with wet hands while dinner bakes, but I wanted to post about Young Living’s 2017 Fulfill Your Destiny Convention that happened last week. It was three full days of workshops and general sessions with a concert starring Carrie Underwood at the end.

 I LOVED Convention! I love meeting other people who enjoy using oils too, trying out new oils, watching demos and learning new ways to manage my business and share oils as well.

My favorite workshop was done by a Royal Crown Diamond named JoAnn Kerns. She was the first person in Asia to reach great heights in her business. She talked about overcoming personal feelings of failure and self doubt and taught us that the essential oils of Sara and Idaho Black Spruce can help you do that. Sara is on my order for my wellness box next month!

Eric Worre was a top lecturer too! A popular MLM public speaker and millionaire, he too spoke on never quitting and going professional in whatever you choose to do.

And best of all, Young Living introduced over 50 new products including- natural sunscreen and bug lotion, a Savvy Minerals Make up line (natural make up!!) and a Seedlings baby line!

I am especially excited about the makeup and baby line- and sunscreen! My baby is three but I still use baby products on him.

Convention was a blast and I hope to go with my sister next year! Young Living treats it’s customers like royalty and you can tell!


I’ve Decided…

It’s been four months since I’ve started this blog and I’ve decided that I want this blog to be about Motherhood: the good, and the bad. There are a lot of good blogs about motherhood out there. Here I tell stories. I post pictures. You get a snapshot of life. How it really is- not the unicorn stylized version. The real, low down, ugly, messy, unicorn poop version of life. Life is messy. It just is. And I want to share it with you. All of it. Even the beautiful, messy parts of it. The Unicorn poop. 

Last night, like every Monday night, we had family night. Not able to think of anything creative, we turned on one of our favorite tv shows- Random Acts– and had treats.

Now, my three year old Declan does not hold his sugar very well. You give him a scoop of ice cream and he’s up until 9:30 or 10 pm. 

Well, last night was a doozy for him! Think a drunk toddler- high on sugar. Mom (me!) let him have 3 (!) red vines and 2 chocolate chip cookies. Oh, boy!

The hubs and I finished watching a movie (the BFG- it was so good) and by the time we came upstairs at 10:20 pm, the lights were on, his big brother Ethan was asleep and Declan was just having a party! He was playing with cars and bouncing them off the bed. His binky was thrown overboard (yes, he still has one). It was a party! No sleeping!

Now, he was sad to have the lights turned out and I ended up falling asleep on his floor to comfort him and waking up at 11:20 pm with carpet marks on my face to prove it. 

Not my most favorite way to end the night. My favorite way is cuddling in bed. With my husband. The warm covers pulled up tight- I mean, loose!- pulled up loosely around us.

Unicorn poop cookies from Bethany Robinson Lee.

But, hey, even Unicorns poop. Sometimes.

My First Oil Warrior


I would like you to meet my first oil warrior- Basil. There have been many others since then, but this one will always be special- my very first oil love.

Ten months ago I started having a health issue (you can message me if you would like to). It wasn’t severely strong- just bothersome enough to throw my plans off track and be inconvenient. I went to my Dr., got some medicine for it and it solved the problem!

Problem solved, right? Dr visit, medicine, feeling better, everything a-okay?

Not really.

Enter side effects.

I stopped taking the daily medication because it made me feel grumpy, tired and hormonal.

The issue returned.

After a little while, I went right back on the same medication that worked before.

Again, problem solved. I also stopped the medication again after a few months because of the side effects. The problem came back.

I had no idea what to do. I didn’t want this health issue. I had no where to turn to.

Or did I? My Mom and sister both sell Essential Oils. They love them and talk about them constantly. I never really thought about oils as a solution. I had a kit that my Mom gave me but I didn’t really use it since I didn’t know how. It took some desperation on my part to remember that essential oils can be oil warriors for us if we let them.

I reached out to them both and got the answer “use basil”. That’s it. I had a sample and I put a drop on my stomach twice a day for 30 days.

On the 30th day, after attending an Essential Oils Conference with my Mom, my health issue was solved. No medication needed. And it stayed solved.

I was convinced. I knew that these oils worked, did not have any side effects and that they could be my warriors in time of need.

That day I began sharing oils for the first time and haven’t looked back since.

And that’s my oil story. What will yours be?