Vision Board 2017

How many of you have a Vision Board? Are your goals visible to you on a daily basis and you can be reminded of what you are working towards? Mine are! This is most of my vision board.

  1. Family: My goal is to have a healthy, happy marriage and a stable foundation for a healthy, happy family.
  2. Oils. This is a 100+ kit that you can win if you rank from one level to the next in a certain amount of time. Talk about motivation! I am not in the running for this yet, but when I am- watch out! I will be working hard towards this goal!
  3. A screaming Mazda Miata. This has been my go to/favorite/Megan car since I was 11 years old. Mine will be in blazing red (and in the old design type). I can’t wait!
  4. Living near the beach. This has always been a bucket list goal of mine and it’s becoming a reality on July 1st of this year! Who would have thought? We’re moving from Lehi, Utah to the Central Coast of California and the town of Paso Robles. We are super excited- especially after all the boxes are packed and unpacked!
  5. Not pictured there are the words: Faith, Hope & Love. I always include my Heavenly Father first in my life, in my dreams and in my goals and this is no exception! He comes First- His will, His desires for me and Serving others for Him.

I hope and pray that as I work towards these goals, I will become a better person, my family will become closer knit together and that I will have fun doing it!

Write down 5 of your top goals/items on your bucket list, print out some colored pictures, post them on a post board, look at it daily and be amazed at what will happen!



I don’t really like MLMs. You have to talk to someone to get their product and it seems like they always want you to get something more. 

The plus side of MLMs is that you get to talk to someone! You find a friend. You find others who like what you like- you are on the same page.

One reason I like Young Living is because you get a bonus for signing up to be a member. With Young Living, you get 10% of your purchase back in points you can spend later on. You only have to make 1 purchase a year. And the oils are amazing!

 I don’t like MLMs but I do love Young Living. 

Plus, their customer service is amazing! 

Boys 13th Birthday!


My twin preemie boys- Ethan & Jonah- turned thirteen a few weeks ago. I distinctly remember being in the hospital and not knowing whether they were going to make it. 

I imagined Jonah as a strong boy, double digits old, playing with his friends, laughing and chatting. And here he is.

I imagined Ethan- who was the healthier of the two and easier to imagine- a boy equally strong and healthy, noble and good. And here he is.

They are healthy and strong and make my heart leap with joy when we celebrate these milestones. Happy 13th, boys, and here’s to many many more!

***Five more years and both of these boys will be on a mission for the LDS Church. How crazy is that?!

I’ve Decided…

It’s been four months since I’ve started this blog and I’ve decided that I want this blog to be about Motherhood: the good, and the bad. There are a lot of good blogs about motherhood out there. Here I tell stories. I post pictures. You get a snapshot of life. How it really is- not the unicorn stylized version. The real, low down, ugly, messy, unicorn poop version of life. Life is messy. It just is. And I want to share it with you. All of it. Even the beautiful, messy parts of it. The Unicorn poop. 

Last night, like every Monday night, we had family night. Not able to think of anything creative, we turned on one of our favorite tv shows- Random Acts– and had treats.

Now, my three year old Declan does not hold his sugar very well. You give him a scoop of ice cream and he’s up until 9:30 or 10 pm. 

Well, last night was a doozy for him! Think a drunk toddler- high on sugar. Mom (me!) let him have 3 (!) red vines and 2 chocolate chip cookies. Oh, boy!

The hubs and I finished watching a movie (the BFG- it was so good) and by the time we came upstairs at 10:20 pm, the lights were on, his big brother Ethan was asleep and Declan was just having a party! He was playing with cars and bouncing them off the bed. His binky was thrown overboard (yes, he still has one). It was a party! No sleeping!

Now, he was sad to have the lights turned out and I ended up falling asleep on his floor to comfort him and waking up at 11:20 pm with carpet marks on my face to prove it. 

Not my most favorite way to end the night. My favorite way is cuddling in bed. With my husband. The warm covers pulled up tight- I mean, loose!- pulled up loosely around us.

Unicorn poop cookies from Bethany Robinson Lee.

But, hey, even Unicorns poop. Sometimes.

Young Living’s Global Headquarters Groundbreaking

On Monday I was privledged to attend the Groundbreaking of Young Living’s new Global Headquarters in Lehi, Utah.

My absolute top 3 favorite highlights were:

1) Hearing Gary and Mary Young speak and their two sons Jospeh and Jacob.

     Gary- decked out in a red cowboy hat and matching boots spoke of his vision of this building twenty years ago. He said he never created a product for profit but for purpose. 

Mary spoke of how Gary is always very confidant of his dreams- even though they didn’t seem possible. Joseph and Jacob spoke of how Young Living is all they’ve known but they love it and they are grateful for the experiences they’ve had. 

Before Gary spoke his ten year old son Jacob was hanging on his neck lovingly. And this is a co-owner of a large company. Such a cute family to watch! I am proud to be a part of such a high quality, family friendly company.

2) The NingXia Red toast. This Gogi berry juice was passed to everyone and we toasted to the ground breaking of this soon to be 238,000 sq ft building with a waterfall, a 1,000 person amphitheater and a restaurant for outside guests. It will take a year and a half to build.

(This is not the same location, but it is very similar)

3) The location. Nestled in a large field, next to snow capped mountains- the scene is quiet and serene, peaceful and calm
I’m thrilled for this company and the growth and success that they’ve achieved! And I look forward to the future with hope and excitement!

When Babies Grow Up

canon 223

This morning, I looked at my growing three year old and missed that baby stage. You know: cradling a small, warm baby in the crook of your arm with that newborn smell and the sweet spirit about them.

And I realized he will probably be my last. My last baby.


I don’t want to pamper him or spoil him- ┬áalthough I already do.

I DO want to cherish him, and enjoy him- play cars on the ground with, jump on one foot across the hall and back again, dip cookies in milk and make sure I soak up all those little moments.

Before he grows up.

And becomes a BIG KID.

Like his brothers and sister.


3 Reasons why I switched- DoTerra to Young Living

The first reason was a fb group called The Essential Switch that my sister added me to. I noticed that there were beauty products and household products that contained toxins and I could switch them out with essential oils. There were testimonials and recipes and I felt a motivation to change.

Secondly, my sister showed me a text her friend sent her of how much she made that month. It was for $10,000. Sign me up! Like you, I have a few dreams and goals tucked up my sleeve (visit France, pay back all of the people who have loaned us money in the past, get out of debt and then pay it forward) and this kind of pay check would make it possible. 

Yes, people in DoTerra see this amount of money but this was very personal- my sister’s friend- and it struck me as so.

Third- Young Living has ~180 single oils and oil blends. DoTerra has about 90. A few of the ones Young Living has are MGrain, Magnify Your Purpose and Abundance. I wanted access to these oils.

I’m so happy with the switch that I made! It’s been wonderful and I’m so glad to be here- using oils and sharing them! 




Today I was going a little stir crazy. I had been home for most of the day the day before, watching General Conference- which I loved and was home for all of this morning and I was ready to go do something!

But, it was rainy and Sunday.

I went to visit my brother and drop off a few things and as I entered their little home, my heart stopped in it’s tracks. Just like it has before. There were two chubby baby boys crawling all around and a sweet little toddler. My heart melted. This is what family is about. Being together. Loving together. Making mistakes and learning from them together.

I was grateful for the rest and I returned home strengthened and all the better for it.

Enjoy your families today!